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LMFAO music videos and behind the scenes

March 25, 2012

Get your game on bro!

A cople things guys...

  1. Every one listen up! CJC has a new website called, drum roll please! CW comics! The creators of CJC has brought you online comics, online! This website is the best site we have! Now that I probably boarded you to death, heres the link!
  2. and if you have never heard of the CJC website, or just never heard of CJC, here is the link to heaven! AKA the CJC website! one word to get you intrested in CJC, VIDEOGAMES!!!!!!! If your a gamer like us, follow me! Get ur game on and comment on our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel, type this in on YouTube yanksfan110     and don't forget to subscribe! Get a funny, action packed, videogame play, or all of the above video every month or week!!!! 





6.Get your game on!!!!!!

7.(and final)Have fun from CJC! Do not forget to have fun, that's why CJC exists! We were made to bring you joy so do NOT forget to have fun

-CEO Corey

March 19, 2012

A fun science fair project!

Do you want a science fair project that's fun? One that a gamer can enjoy working on? Click the link above to see the project! Have FUN from CJC!

March 19, 2012

LMFAO dude

As you can see, CJC has taken an intrest in LMFAO. If you don't know what LMFAO is, it's a music group that raps and sings. CJC does not advise kids under 13 to listen to LMFAO. CJC has posted a web app to the site about LMFAO. Computer viewed only. Have fun from CJC!

March 19, 2012

Batman Arkham City lock down for App store, worth $5.99?

Batman ACL is defenetly worth it! but there is no real story line to it. Just fight one guy then fight another. It's not realy like Batman AC though. The bosses are the same but there's no story or any thing. I think the graphics are amazing and it's probably it's best featchur. Unlike Batman AA ( Arkham Asylum) this game has no real difficulty as far as figuring things out. This game is ok for kids 9 and up because nothing bad happens at all. If you concider punching and kicking a problem then I guess this game is bad. They sware a bit, but nothing ages 9 and up can't handle.Have fun from CJC!

Ages: 9 and up

Graphics: 7 out of 10

Story: 1 out of 10

over all: 59% awesome

March 18, 2012

Wasssuppp Party Rockers

We just got a new web app on this site (only can be viewed through cpu) and its at the bottem of this screen! You can watch all the coolest music videos from LMFAO! Enjoy! Have fun from CJC! (note, 15 and up warning on cirtain videos)

March 18, 2012

DC univerce online

DC universe online is with out a doubt an award winning game. The trailer pulls you in so hard you can't resist but playing it! Try it your self, for FREE on PC or Mac!
1.Go to Google/ Yahoo
2. type in " DC universe online​
3. pick the first one
4. ​​​press PLAY FOR FREE
5. create an account and download​ ( note, may take 4-7 hours to download)

I highly suggest looking up the trailor on YouTube. Have fun from CJC!


March 16, 2012

Batman Arkham asylum, Rating( not ESRB )

 Some people, when ever they see Batman, the say that he is too dark for kids. But this game proves them wrong! Yes this game is violent. Yes this game might be scary. But there is nothing too bad. There is some language, like crap, but no real bad words. Joker might say threats, like he'll kill every one in the asylum if his hench men fail, but he never get's the chance to apply them. The only bad things are that some one hooks someone up to an elecrtic chair, and that some one holds a knife up to some ones neck, but you end up saving them any way. No one bleeds, but there is some blood in the sceenery. The worst part in the game is when the scarecrow happens. His voice is scary and the illusions are pretty scary. He brings back his childhood( his parents got shot in an ally!) Nothing realy bad happens though. Over all CJC thinks this game is for ages 11 and up but if they are mature, 10 and up. Some say 13 and up, some say 12 and up. But that's because they believe in every thing they see and they fully trust the ESRB( the worst video game rating company ever!) I think there mistakes are actually not fully mistakes. I think they rate games just by E, E10+, T, M, and AO. What if it's some where in between them? So this game is defenetly worth buying for an 11 year old! In case you want it for the graphics or the story, the graphics are awesome! The game play graphics are even better! But the graphics is only one of the great qualitys of this game! The story mode! This story mode is even better than Spiderman Edge of Time! I think it's the best story mode I've played all year! Wait, I've told you too much! I don't wanna spoil the surprise of the game! Play the game! Or read the artical @

Have fun from CJC!

Ages 11 and up

Graphics: 8 out of 10

Story: 7 out of 10

over all: 79% Awesome

March 16, 2012

CJC issue 1

CJC has finnaly taken off with the full copy of issue 1! Go to our site now!

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